geotehnički studio

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As part of its activities, Geotehnički studio offers geotechnical supervision services.

Professional supervision is performed by our chartered engineers having many years of experience.

Supervision is carried though professional management and monitoring of the implementation of works and its purpose is to ensure realization of the building concept defined by relevant licenses, technical solution provided in the project and to ensure the execution of works in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

When conducting supervision it is necessary to pay great attention to the following responsibilities and tasks:

  • Implementation of the relevant building permits and projects
  • Ensuring quality of works
  • Respecting projects time frame and deadlines
  • Expenditures
  • Reporting and documentation
  • Others (control of data entry in the site log book, verification of invoices, various reports and analysis, coordination of all parties involved in construction, etc.).

Respecting the above, through professional guidance and years of experience, we are building a relationship of trust with our Clients providing quality services and completing projects to mutual satisfaction, both ours and Clients’.